********July 23-26, 2020 Next Mass REUNION ********

    ****The next ALL CLASS Reunion has been postponed until 2022 more details to follow****

March 8, 2021


It's a new year and Spring is just around the corner.  Our condolences, loving thoughts and prayers go out to all who have suffered through the past year and we hope that 2021 will be a new beginning. 

The past year has been challenging for the entire world.  It appears, though, that America may be rounding the corner as vaccines are here and being delivered.  That said, however, it most likely will be summer or later before everyone is able to get the vaccine.  As states continue with restrictive measures to mitigate the spread and the impact of Covid, it will likely be later in the year that large group gatherings will be allowed here in New Mexico. 

Sadly, with available information, the Reunion Committee has made the decision to cancel the 2021  Reunion.  We are committed to rescheduling in 2022 and will keep in contact with Hotel Albuquerque. As we move into summer and as more information is available regarding existing restrictions here in New Mexico we will keep you informed.  Our hope is that next year we will be able to safely get together without constraints to visit and enjoy each other's company. 

Important Information regarding the Website:

Since this website was created in 2019, there have been pages that have shown the words "NOT SECURE" and this caused some classmates to decide not to join, even though the pages that showed any personal information were always secure. 

On 2/23/21 Class Creator was able to offer each of their clients a "Security Certificate" which the Alumni Association Committee purchased. This coverage assures that ALL website information is now secure.  

We hope that you will spread the word to all of your classmates who have not joined the website.

Let us know if you have questions and thank you everyone who has joined.  We look forward to getting our next reunion scheduled and seeing you in Albuquerque in 2022.



Los Alamos Alumni/Reunion Committee and Website Administrators


April 3, 2020


On Sunday, March29th, the President extended restrictive social distancing guidelines through April 30, 2020 based on information from national health officials that considerable risk from the Covid-19 virus will continue through mid-May and possibly into June.  As a result, deaths may dramatically increase.  It is likely that social distancing guidelines and/or further restrictions will continue for some time.


The Covid-19 virus has dramatically changed all of our lives; in addition to adjusting to a secluded life style, there is also a financial impact that affects so many of us whether we are retired or still employed.


Health and financial factors weigh heavily in our classmates determining attendance at a reunion. Based on the venue contract, if we could not meet the required number of attendees, we would incur a significant financial penalty that could wipe out our account and end our scholarship program. This outcome would be unacceptable.


All of these factors have been considered in deciding to postpone the reunion until 2021.


Hotel Albuquerque has graciously allowed us to reschedule and has booked our group’s reunion for July 22-24, 2021 without incurring any financial penalty.  


We will, of course, offer refunds to those individuals who have registered;  transferring registration fees to the scholarship fund or for the next reunion will also be an option.


Thanks to all of you who have done so much for this reunion now, and in the past.




In order to come together we must stay apart.



March 17, 2020


Behind the Scenes of the 2020 Reunion


Did you know that…………

Proceeds from the reunion go to the LAHS Alumni Association scholarship fund.  Annually the association awards a $3000 scholarship to a graduating LAHS senior.  The scholarship can be used for the graduate’s continuing education whether for college or vocational training.

The LAHS alumni association reunions would not be possible without a group of dedicated alumni including board officers, members, and volunteers.  These are people from different areas of New Mexico and throughout the country who commit their time and talents to provide a successful reunion.  The planning for the 2020 reunion began three months after the 2015 reunion.

Many of these volunteers have served on the board and/or the reunion committee for years, some of whom have been involved since the first reunion was held in 1990.  Volunteer’s responsibilities include website development and administration, securing a venue, registration, entertainment, and class photos.  In addition to reunion preparation activities, the scholarship committee annually reviews all LAHS alumni association scholarship applications to determine the recipient. 

Association changes since the 2015 reunion

Since the first multi-year reunion in 1990 the basic structure of the reunion has remained the same.  With the 2020 reunion there have been changes to the alumni website, registration, pricing, and opening up the reunion to any graduate from 1944 to the present.


For the first time the LAHS alumni website has been significantly updated to include the names and photos of alumni from 1944 to 2018 and the ability for registered alumni to keep up to date with each other through a secure system that does not reveal any alumni personal email addresses. Alumni are able to update their profiles with contemporary photos and personal information.

Through the donation page you can donate directly to the scholarship fund and/or the fund that provides monetary assistance to those alumni who might not otherwise attend the reunion.


Alumni can register and pay for the reunion on the website.  You can pay with credit/debit cards or check.

Reunion Cost

In the past, the reunion was priced in a format that included a registration fee, and the option to choose attendance at the mixer and/or the dinner.  This year the change was made to one price that includes registration, mixer, and dinner. This pricing method is currently used in the majority of individual class reunions that are designed as an entire weekend experience.

We have spent a lot of time determining the reunion price to keep the cost at a level that makes sense; it is a balance of providing alumni with an unforgettable experience and provide funds for the LAHS Alumni Association Scholarship.  For the 2015 reunion the cost for registration, mixer, and dinner was $135 for early registration and $150 for late registration. For the 2020 reunion the early bird registration is $130 for the first 100 registered classmates or April 5th, after which the price is $150.

What does the Alumni Association does with the money we charge for the reunion?

  • Venue provisions:
    • The Potters Room where you can pick up your name tags and dinner tickets and visit with friends throughout the reunion.  During the times that the room is made available for you there will be coffee, water, tea, and light snacks available.
      • The Potters Room is available for those of you who want to visit with friends away from the mixer or dinner.
  • The Franciscan room for class photos; there will be coffee, water, tea, and light snacks available. 
    • For those who prefer an alcholic beverage, you are invited to purchase a drink at one of the Hotel bars and bring it to the Potters or Franciscan rooms
  • Alvarado ballroom for the mixer, dinner, and dancing
  • Food for mixer
  • Sit down dinner 
  • Hotel planning staff:
    • Three staff who work with alumni venue committee members to plan, organize and staff the reunion activities
    • Catering director who meets monthly with alumni representatives for one year prior to the reunion and is on 24 hour a day call for the duration of the reunion
    • Security including 24 hour on call for specified alumni representatives
    • Bartenders for the mixer and dinner
    • Food service staff including servers and attendants for the mixer and table servers for the dinner


  • Entertainment
    • DJ for both the mixer and for the dinner/dance

      Don’t Forget………….

      Reunions are a wonderful opportunity to get together with classmates, friends, and neighbors; a time to remember, reflect, and share life experiences.  Your friends and classmates are looking forward to seeing you at the reunion.  








February 20, 2020

This is a big day for the LAHS Alumni Association.  Starting today, for the first time in our history, you can buy your reunion tickets on line for $150.  However, for the first one hundred registrants we have an early bird special price of $130.  When registration begins, you will be able to view the names of alumni who are coming to the reunion and you’ll be able to contact any one of them through the site.

For the reunion fee you will be able to enjoy the Friday mixer where you can spend time with friends and enjoy music from the 50’s to the 80’s provided by Albuquerque’s favorite DJ, Steve Haydu.  Saturday afternoon Don Taylor will take class pictures and individual photos.  Saturday evening we’ll have a sit down dinner and Steve returns for your dancing pleasure

Throughout the reunion, the Potters room will be open for meeting with friends. Light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be available.

Please take a look at the 2020 5 Year LAHS Alumni All Class Reunion tab and sign up.  Also, if you haven't made Hotel reservations yet, please do that too.

Look for more information to come regarding the Alumni Scholarship.  We may have a big announcement soon.  Click here to register!







LAHS Alumni Committee

as of 12/4/19


Committe members are: 

Juanita Ruiz Miguel '61 (Past President/Advisor) 

Ken Hanks '59 (Past President/Tennis)               

Jeannette  Kinker '68 (President/Hotel)

 Dottie Smith MacVeigh '68   (Secretary/ Registration) 

Betty Anne Mullins Pacheco '68 (Treasurer/Web Site Administrator)

Jean Kinker Sena '72 (Hotel/Registration)              

Michele Lang Buchanan '63 (Class Get Togethers)

Don Marchi '60 (Entertainment)

Peggy C'de Baca Atencio '63 (Class Photos)                     

Jae Riebe '63   (Registration) 

Mary McNeese Montoya '61 (Registration)

Lynn Davis Loss '61 (Programs)

Bob Hicks '70 ( Research Web Site Administrator)

Viki Gore Liparato '66 (Scholarship/ Web Site Administrator)                                       

  Liz Rutherford '64 (Scholarship)                

  Lavelle Calvert Martin '66 (Scholarship)                      

Rebecca Fellers Jones  (LAHS faculty/Scholarship)